Do BetFair spy on their customers trading accounts?

No GravatarYou may have heard the rumor that BetFair do access customers&#8217- trading details and do use that intelligence.

From what I gather (the re-phrasing is mine):

  1. BetFair does never seed markets or take proprietary positions against its customers.
  2. At BetFair, taking advantage of customer information would be considered grounds for summary dismissal.

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3 thoughts on “Do BetFair spy on their customers trading accounts?

  1. Rab Bibater said:

    I know that Betfair are on record (see Hansard) as saying that they have seeded their smaller markets, for what they call "marketing purposes."  Is it officially the case that they no longer engage in this activity?

  2. Chris F. Masse said:


    Excellent question.

    I won’t ask them right now, coz I’m a bit tired. I want to move on other topics (prediction market journalism, other exchanges, etc.).

    However, we should keep a list of questions to ask them, and then, the next time, we would ask them all at once.

  3. Ed Murray said:

    They sacked at least one member of staff recently for frontrunning accounts.   A good question to ask BF would be how many accounts were affected, have they notified the owners of the accounts that were frontrun, and do they have any plans to compensate the people whose bets weren’t matched that would have been, had the internal member of staff not been peeking under people’s cards to see what they were betting on, and then frontrunning them for his own personal betting.

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