Xpree, the leader in prediction market forecasting technology for corporations

No GravatarI like Mat Fogarty and Xpree, I think they bring new and needed forecasting competency to the field of prediction markets, but I think that this statement is untrue and thus its author looks a bit childish. I can&#8217-t believe that Mat Fogarty would output such a statement. To say that Xpree is &#8220-the leader&#8221- in this industry segment is like saying that The Dallas Morning News is the biggest newspaper on Earth.

REPLACE IT WITH: &#8230-&#8221-Xpree, the most innovative [*] supplier of prediction market forecasting technology for corporations&#8221-&#8230- that would be closer to the truth&#8230- and less subject to controversy&#8230- and ridicule.

[*] See rhe comments.

UPDATE: Mat Fogarty changed it for &#8220-Xpree, the most awesome prediction market forecasting technology for corporations&#8221-.

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4 thoughts on “Xpree, the leader in prediction market forecasting technology for corporations

  1. Juanita Perez said:

    How is Xpree the most innovative?

  2. Chris F. Masse said:


    What I meant is that it’s easier to claim that you’re "the most innovative", as opposed to being "the leader". If you claim you are the "leader", you have to show either that you have the biggest market share in your industry segment, or that your competitors and all the industry has been all along ‘following’ your steps. That claim is a complete joke, as far as Xpree is concerned.

    If Mat Fogarty were to claim that Xpree is "the most innovative", then he would use these facts:

    – Mat Fogarty has a very good grasp and mastering of the whole forecasting issue;


    – Xpree is the last of all the PM software packages that went out, built after spying on all others, and thus it has (hopefully) improved and refined the prediction market trading technology;


    – Xpree has set up an innovative way to rank inventions/innovations, mixing PMs and crowd voting.


    Please, spot the conditional tense in the paragraph above. My point is that a corporate claim along those lines would be far less ludicrous than the "We-Are-The-Leader" claim, which is laughable.

  3. Mat Fogarty said:

    Hey Chris, I updated it :)

  4. Chris F. Masse said:

    OK, I will update.

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