Are you a better predictor than John McCain?

No GravatarVia Bo Cowgill of Google, via Foreign Policy, John McCain:

John McCain

They would do anything to sell politics, these days. :-D

Foreign Policy:

It&#8217-s a clever marketing ploy by team McCain, but why stop there? Why not have the candidate take positions in predictions markets such as Intrade? Wouldn&#8217-t we rather know how prescient Senator McCain is about the odds of bird flu striking the United States by the end of September, the chances Pervez Musharraf will step down as Pakistan&#8217-s president anytime soon, or the likelihood of a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians by January 2009? Put your money where your mouth is, senator.

InTrade-TradeSports and BetFair-TradeFair should let traders opt to make public their positions, and they should create dynamic prediction registries and leagues.

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  1. Brad Stewart said:

    We’ve had this on for about a year now. The trader has three options in showing stocks/indexes/sectors, hide them all, show a simple yes/no, or show the actual quantities.  You can see an example here:

  2. Chris F. Masse said:


    That’s great. :-D

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