LinkedIn vs. FaceBook prediction market

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[…] However I am interested in prediction markets, so how about we define a specific prediction and then revisit it in six months? If Facebook and/or LinkedIn were public companies, we could test our predictive powers in the stock market with real money. However because they are private companies (for now), we can just do this for fun and bragging rights. Anyway public companies are now all boring, predictable enterprises- we have to recreate the fun in the private markets.

So the prediction, we think, from Stowe is this: “In 6 months Facebook will have more of your business contacts than LinkedIn”. We&#8217-ll check back in 6 months whether that prediction comes true. […]

Their poll shows that LinkedIn has the lead over FaceBook (this early Monday morning):

LinkedIn vs. FaceBook

Maybe PopSci PPX will be interested in floating a LinkedIn vs. FaceBook event derivative. I suspect that they would like to settle such an event derivative with objective, primary data &#8212-as opposed to an online poll.

UPDATE: Latest results of the poll&#8230-

LinkedIn vs. FaceBook

REMINDER: Midas Oracle is going to make an important announcement, soon.

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