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I just want to make a bet – what do I do?
– In this case you may want to go to our Betting Screen. This displays the bets in a format familiar to Sports Book users. On the Betting Screen you can view moneyline or digital odds and choose the amount of money you want to bet. The Betting Screen has a seperate Help section to get you started.

I think an outcome isn&#8217-t going to happen, but you don&#8217-t have the opposite result, what do I do?
– That&#8217-s the beauty of InTrade, to bet against an outcome you simply sell the contract.

But I don&#8217-t own any contracts, how can I sell something I don&#8217-t own?
InTrade is modeled on a futures exchange. On InTrade when you sell a contract you&#8217-re actually entering into an agreement to sell the contract when it expires. So if you sell at 35 and the contract expires at zero you make 35 points because the contract is worth nothing. However if the contract was worth 100 then you have to pay the difference, in this case 65 points. The value of a point can vary depending on the contract, but for most contracts on InTrade one point is worth $0.10.

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