UsableMarkets Reports from the NYC Prediction Market Conference (Yes, a little, er, a lot, late)

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I recently published some thoughts resulting from the NYC Prediction Market Conference.

There were three items:

1. Contract Content which discusses &#8220-whether having related content and links appear alongside a contract make any difference as to how well informed the traders are when trading that contract … and therefore, does it have any impact on the price of that contract?&#8221-

2. Losing the Market in Prediction Markets talks about the recognition that the desire for simpler trading interfaces in the prediction market community is finally leading to real results, as an abundance of sites, if not every PM site, looks to make predicting easier to do, and understand.

3. Shapers and Voters reflects on a slide about trader distribution in Jed Christiansen&#8217-s presentation.

I hope you enjoy.

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