Justin Wolfers guest-blogging week at Marginal Revolution is over.

No GravatarJusitn Wolfers:

I&#8217-ve been amazed by how much work blogging can be. More than anything else, this past week has simply increased my admiration for the work that Alex [Tabarrok] and Tyler [Cowen] put into this site and our community.

Yes, blogging is hard and difficult. But Justin Wolfers has experienced only one third of the whole experience &#8212-writing. The two other parts are: finessing the parameters of your blogging software, and marketing your blog, posts and pages. In my experience, the last thing is the most difficult &#8212-you have to get inbound links from big bloggers, otherwise nobody reads you and the search engines don&#8217-t compute you. Your blog will only matter in your industry if you excel at each of these three tasks. (And if what you run is a group blog, then there is a fourth task, which is inciting other people to write for your group blog for free. :-D )

So, how did you like Justin Wolfers&#8217- guest-blogging week at Marginal Revolution?

Great. Smart guy. Very open to others. Very willing to let the readers discover plenty of external resources (including, two times, a weird stuff called Midas Oracle :-D ). His blogging style resembles much David Pennock&#8217-s one. That is, a smooth mix of home-made essays and news aggregation items. Very different than Robin Hanson&#8217-s blogging. (Robin Hanson is on a quest to show off that he is the world&#8217-s most intelligent human being, which is boring most of the times, but can output highly valuable fruits, occasionally.)

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