Is your firm among the early adopters of internal prediction markets used as forecasting tool?

No GravatarIs your boss a visionary? Or is he/she among the laggards?

Technology Adoption Life Cycle

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One thought on “Is your firm among the early adopters of internal prediction markets used as forecasting tool?

  1. Philippe Theophanidis said:

    I can’t see why this statistical diagram is copyrighted to the “Chasm Group”. This is a direct and complete reproduction of an original diagram introduced in 1962 by Everett M. Rogers in his famous book “Diffusion of Innovations”. Rogers may not be the father of research on innovations, but he is the one who brought all the different approach together is one general and systemic theory. The “five categories of adopters” is one of his most notorious contribution to the field.

    It’s also important to notice that in Rogers opinion this diagram has no predictive function whatsoever. It is a model of representation used to illustrate the diffusion process of an innovation in a social system AFTER it occurs. The categories of adopters remain conceptuel categories. They do not explain anything but, quite on the contrary, need to be explained.

    It is a fact, though, that his models inspired marketing researchers to design successfull preditive tools.

    Best regards.

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