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Justin Wolfers and Eric Zitzewitz were asking, &#8220-How to attract uninformed traders?&#8221-. (PDF file) Well, here&#8217-s one answer. Make suckers believe that Inkling Markets is like a voting system, where the more supporters show up for a political candidate, the more likely it will be that their candidate will get the nomination/election. (See Mike Giberson&#8217-s excellent blog post, yesterday, for more info.)

REALITY CHECK: The &#8220-votes&#8221- sent to Inkling Markets by the uninformed traders will be overturned over time as the active and informed traders (the &#8220-market makers&#8221-) go trading on this particular prediction market.


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4 thoughts on “Show Your Support – Buy shares of James Miceli for Congress at

  1. Michael Giberson said:

    I think Inkling offers a cheap and easy way for people to learn about prediction markets, and think that more political candidates should urge participation among their supporters!

  2. Michael Giberson said:

    In an unrelated note ;) , I’m aiming to score a substantial boost to my inkling count on the day this market closes.

  3. Chris. F. Masse said:

    RE: Your first comment

    That’s why NewsFutures, InTrade, BetFair and all the others should open as many local political prediction markets as possible. Do you think that a US politician would urge his/her followers to speculate on his/her behalf [!] on real-money prediction exchanges??

  4. Michael Giberson said:

    Probably not, or at least not publicly. Besides, when suckers’ — uh, I mean supporters’ money is available, most politicians would likely prefer to have it for their campaign.

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