An invitation to join the simExchange beta

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The simExchange, a virtual video game stock exchange, is a new project to help gamers learn about upcoming video games and predict how well they will sell. Countless new games are on the horizon all the time and it is too time consuming to read up on all of them. The simExchange applies the Wisdom of the Crowds concept to upcoming video games. You can quickly identify the most anticipated upcoming games by simply checking out the most valued game stocks or the most traded game stocks.

Users submit the games they want to trade. Users also submit articles, images, and videos about the games. The community votes through a unique “content bidding system” to measure the value of submitted content to the community. This makes it easier for users to learn about games by quickly seeing the most valuable content about the game available and allows traders to more easily value the game stocks up for trading.

The simExchange is also a great opportunity to learn about the stock market by trading stocks that gamers care about. Unlike many prediction markets, the simExchange follows real market mechanics, such as a double call auction order system. The simExchange allows players to actually short stocks.

Games Stocks:
– The stock price forecasts the game’s lifetime worldwide unit sales. 1 DKP corresponds to 10,000 copies sold.
– Game stocks are perpetual and are structured similar to real stocks.
– Users can submit the games they want listed on the simExchange for trading. Users bid on games to indicate demand for that game’s listing.
– Read more about the stock structure here.

Trading Features:
– A virtual stock market that follows real stock market mechanics such as a double call auction order book (CDA form prediction market).
– Users can place limit orders and short stocks
– Players learn to manage margin. Will receive margin calls and forced liquidation if leveraged position moves against them.
– Liquidity provided by automated and human market makers.

User Interface:
– AJAX interface enables user to dynamically pull up a stock’s order book by clicking on a stock. No need to enter stock prices.
– Option for basic trading (market orders with easy to understand bid and ask) or advanced trading featuring limit orders with Level II Order Book.
– Level II Order Book auto-updates best bids and asks orders.
– Portfolio, Quick Portfolio, and Order Status pages auto-update balance, margin, and positions.
– Find stocks by browsing genre or platform or searching title or summary content
– AJAX forms dynamically appear and change content

Content System:
– All game stocks are accompanied by a succinct but comprehensive summary so that traders do not need to leave the site to learn about the underlying game.
– Extensive resources provided by articles, images, and videos submitted by the community give traders quick access to the news that can move the stock.
– The community bids on content using the simExchange Content Bidding System to determine the value of the content to the community.
– The news aggregator is part of the overall simExchange game- players earn DKP from submitting valuable content and posting intelligent comments.

The simExchange is currently in public beta and I welcome anyone to join and share feedback.

If you would like to learn about the development of the simExchange, you can follow everything from the beginning by reading the simExchange Official Blog. The first post discussing how I came up with the idea starts here. We are also currently exploring ways to provide the simExchange technology to third-parties. You can always contact us through the form in the simExchange&#8217-s Help section.

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