WordPress, youre simply the best.

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Simply The Best - Tina Turner

The IT guy in charge of one of the General Motors sites:

I’m the lead developer for the blog.gmnext.com. When we looked to select the best blogging system out there we went through several both closed-source (cheap to fairly expensive) blogging tools to all the open source variety. We ended up choosing WordPress not because of the cost but simply because it was the best tool for blogging out on the market. The project is just the beginning, we’re in the process now of localizing the blog into a variety of languages. Well done on one of the best designed systems I’ve seen in a long time.

By the way, thanks to David Perry of Consensus Point for directing me to WordPress, two years ago. And also thanks to David Pennock of Yahoo! Research for some IT tips.

Daves ( :-D ), you&#8217-re simply the best. :-D

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