My Macintosh MacBook Pro 17″


What I dislike:

– The mighty mouse (which I prefer to the trackpad). It is difficult to get a clean, straight right-click &#8212-as I was used to on my (Dell) PC. Sometimes, my right-click is interpreted as a left-click &#8212-shitty mouse. UPDATE: Mike Arrington hates the Mighty Mouse, too.


What I like:

All the great open-source software available for the Apple Macintosh (ditto for the iPhone). (Some are also listed here.) Contra Mike Linksvayer, I think it is a great match. I am sure that our good doctor David Pennock (another open-source fanboy) and mister Adam Siegel (another Macintosh fanboy) agree with moi. :-D


What I like:

iRed Lite, which is a little software that allows you to command a bunch of applications via the Apple Remote (as opposed to the mouse or trackpad). It is particularly useful for audio, video and presentations. For instance, you can go to the next slide (or the previous slide) without ever touching your Mac, simply by clicking on the right (or left) button of your Apple Remote &#8212-and you can do that while being far away from your Mac.


What I dislike:

I don&#8217-t recommend the Apple MacBook Air. Its screen is too small (13 inch). Do buy a computer with a very big screen. See more computer tips here.

5 thoughts on “My Macintosh MacBook Pro 17″

  1. Jed Christiansen said:

    Does this mean we might someday see an updated Chris F. Masse avatar, courtesy of the Mac’s webcam? :)

    Glad you seem to like your laptop; I’m looking at getting something similar in the next year or so. (Not sure about 15″ vs. 17″ screens, though; mainly because of size/weight issues when travelling.)

  2. Chris F. Masse said:

    Yes, I should update that photo, one day.

    Yes, the 17″ laptop is really wide… You need a special case to carry it… It is not really heavy, though. But I advise everybody to buy a very big screen for a more comfortable work…

    I enjoy iRed Lite… I use it a lot…

  3. Daniel Horowitz said:

    1. Get a second monitor to improve work efficiency.

    2. Get a new mouse.

  4. Chris F. Masse said:

    Daniel, are you a Mac or a PC?

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