Did Florian Riahi of Texodus Predictions really read those academic papers about prediction markets?

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I described in a previous post why I delisted his company from my list of prediction market consultants.

I want to share a remark with you, today. Here is a man from Holland who recruited by e-mail some US-based &#8220-advisors&#8221- &#8212-one ocean away. One curious online recruit he made is professor Christopher Wlezien, the co-author of an academic paper&#8230- that claims that prediction markets are *NO* better than damped polls:

For now, our results suggest the need for much more caution and less naive cheerleading about election markets on the part of prediction market advocates.

I bet that Florian Riahi didn&#8217-t read that paper, and I bet that professor Christopher Wlezien accepted the advisory slot in order to make the simple point that the &#8220-prediction market advocates&#8221- are just a bunch of baloneys who don&#8217-t read academic papers. :-D


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