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New prediction market software (and blog)

Best wishes to them.

4 thoughts on “Wisdom Hive

  1. Mike Linksvayer said:

    Looks interesting. Release the unfinished code already. Maybe someone will submit a patch to fix the broken email form at the top of their site. :-)

  2. Rob Knight said:

    Thanks for the link. And, um, thanks for pointing out the broken email form Mike. I think it got nuked during the upgrade to WordPress 2.7 :(

    What’s being developed at present is somewhat different from existing PMs in that the main functionality of the engine is exposed via XMPP rather than HTTP. This should ultimately lead to a much more ‘active’ experience with live updates pushed out to connected users, rather than via polling or whenever you happen to refresh the page.

    Right now, I’m working on a front-end which tunnels XMPP over HTTP to allow ordinary web users to participate, but in the long run the XMPP approach should allow much more interesting interfaces/rich clients/etc.

  3. Chris F. Masse said:

    Quite interesting.

  4. Mike Linksvayer said:

    Rob, interesting. The UI of extant PM services/software stinks, so your attempt is very welcome. I’m even more eager for better underlying technology, but will take anything.

    Did you know the Foresight Exchange did (maybe still does) have a telnet interface? I know, the comparison is superficial at best, woefully misleading otherwise. Just some trivia.

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