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Send me your blog URL, if you write on prediction markets &#8212-and I&#8217-ll Include it in the list (maybe :-D ).

The new kid on the block is The Quantified Pundit. Great blog name. :-D Bookmark it, and subscribe to its site feed. I recommend it highly.

  • Andrew &#8220-Bert&#8221- Black — Category: &#8220-BetFair&#8220-
  • Ask Markets —
  • Ashish Singal
  • Betdaq Exchange Views [U.K.] —
  • Betting @ BetFair [U.K.] —
  • Betting Market [U.K.] —
  • Bo Cowgill —
  • Caveat Bettor
  • Chris Hibbert — Category: &#8220-prediction markets&#8220-
  • Consensus Point — Decommissioned.
  • Freakonomics — Category: &#8220-prediction markets&#8220-
  • George Tziralis [Greece] —
  • HubDub
  • Inkling Markets
  • Jed Christiansen
  • Marginal Revolution
  • Media Predict —
  • Midas Oracle .COM – Group Blog on Prediction Markets For People
  • Midas Oracle .NET – Group Blog on Prediction Markets For Enterprises —
  • Midas Oracle .ORG – Group Blog on Prediction Markets For All
  • Mike Linksvayer — Category: &#8220-prediction markets&#8220-
  • NewsFutures
  • Odd Head — Category: &#8220-prediction markets&#8220-
  • Overcoming Bias — Category: &#8220-prediction markets&#8220-
  • Political Betting [U.K.] —
  • PopSci PPX —
  • Reality Markets —
  • Risk Markets And Politics —
  • The Sim Exchange —
  • Usable Markets — Category: &#8220-prediction markets&#8220-
  • Washington Stock Exchange —

Quite a small list.

Maybe, in the next update, I&#8217-ll add The Washington Wire from the WSJ. They seem to go the Wolfers route. WIll see.

Previous blog posts by Chris F. Masse:

  • NewsFutures powers the prediction exchange of a prestigious French science magazine.
  • DIY enterprise prediction markets as revelators of institutional lies
  • So far, the Prediction Market Industry Association (PMIA) is a shallow organization run by a bunch of delirium-tremens incompetents. — It sounds too European, too French. — Yeah, it’s too French. — All words and no actions. — Hot air in a golden-painted balloon ready to burst.
  • The best presentations from the world’s best conference on enterprise prediction markets —ever
  • John Delaney and Mark Davies’ P.R. tactics suck.
  • Predictify is about building track records of human predictors.
  • Prediction & Decision Markets — Robin Hanson Edition

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