I no longer recommend BetFair.

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Let&#8217-s hope that his/her grievances will find their resolution.

7 thoughts on “I no longer recommend BetFair.

  1. Caruso said:

    Something is definitely up. To bogus, ill-defined ”bonus abuse” accusations you can add extraordinary failures in the software department. Players have queried very bad results and requested game logs, only to have the play history somehow vanish into thin air or the request simply refused. There is also a corroborated example of a slot machine that credited no winnings in spite of winnings occuring – winning lines simply did not pay. This only came to light when the player delved into his logs (which had not vanished on this occasion) and located winning combinations. Nice work if you can get it, eh? How many players would do this??

    All these matters relate to a combination of both Betfair and the software provider, Chartwell. Something is wrong here.

  2. medemi said:

    Nothing betfair does or does not do surprises me anymore. That doesn’t mean I believe something is wrong, just that there’s a place in my mind for the worst case scenario.

  3. Caruso said:

    It’s surprised me, and pisses me off no end. I wrote a bunch of articles about their zero games and gave them free advertising via non-affiliate hard links…then had to go and deface all the material with big, fat warnings when they started playing games. They still haven’t addressed the bonus issues.

    Maybe complaints should be made to the LGA?


  4. medemi said:

    When are people going to learn, eh ? You sleep with the devil, you pay the price.

    And you can give me stick too. :-D

  5. Adonis said:

    1. Put a rat into a box, with a maze inside.

    2. Every time the rat turns left, you give him an electric shock.

    3. Every time he turns right, you give him some food.

    The rat soon gets fat and happy.

    1. Put a Customer into a betting exchange.

    2 Let him roam freely.

    3. Sting him at every opportunity, the same way every Time

    The rat (sorry, Customer) gets poorer, rarely criticises or complains.

    Such is the way of the World in Ratland…..

    King Rat decreed it thus, and it is not for us to question his decisions.

    Now get back onto that treadmill and earn your next few Joules of reward!!!!


    – well it IS the week-end, INNIT?

  6. medemi said:

    It’s the holidays Adonis, but I haven’t made up my mind yet whether I’ll be devoting much of my time to you mortal souls. :-D  The devil has visited me last night and offered me a deal, you see.

  7. Adonis said:

    A certain exchange think mine is as worthless as yours, Old Friend.


    Get what you can for it before the market Crashes…..

    I missed my chance in 2005…….



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