Adam Siegel of Inkling Markets has computed that blogging is important to a small business.

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Inkling Markets:

Here are the jobs we&#8217-re currently looking to fill:

Director of Business Development
Take the reigns to plan and direct Inkling&#8217-s ongoing business development efforts. This includes everything from identifying and evaluating new market opportunities, working on public relations initiatives, forging strategic partnerships, initiating proposals, negotiating contracts with our enterprise clients, and helping to manage existing accounts. Our ideal candidate will have demonstrated the ability to sell software as a service to large enterprise clients or has proven to be effective at launching new product lines and developing new strategic initiatives for at least 5+ years.

Customer Support
Inkling provides technical support to all its clients. From the trader who has a question about their balance to a marketplace administrator who has questions about how to run a market properly, we&#8217-re looking for someone to be our interface for these types of questions. It&#8217-s ok if you don&#8217-t have an intimate understanding of prediction markets now, but our ideal applicant will have shown excellent communication skills, both verbal and written, will have effectively managed multiple work threads at once, and will not be afraid of venturing in to other activities going on in the company, i.e. supporting business development efforts, doing customer outreach and blogging, performing research, and even doing application testing when necessary. We&#8217-re particularly interested in recent college graduates [*] for this position.

But you&#8217-ll notice that he would assign the junior employee (not the business development executive) to blogging.

[*] Yeah, fresh people are cheaper and more flexible.

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