Publish a comment on the BetFair forum, get arrested.

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We would like to remind those posting on the forum that offensive or defamatory comments are in breach of the terms of forum use and will result in forum rights being revoked. Forum users should be aware that they are fully and personally responsible for comments they post on the forum – and may be answerable for such comments. In this context, Betfair has not contested previous and increasing court applications requiring us to reveal personal details of individuals making forum postings. Not contesting such applications will continue to be our policy.

As a result, please do not assume that you can post without any risk of your identity being disclosed to either the subject of your post or his/her lawyers. Should you not be able to defend your comments it is very likely that you could face very considerable financial consequences.

You should also be aware that certain posts and conduct could be contrary to the [U.K.’s] Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and could give rise to both civil and criminal proceedings. We will have no hesitation in disclosing identities to the police, or civil court, should they receive a complaint.

Finally, please note that Betfair will shortly be making important changes to the way the forum is run. In future, you will only be able to post on the forum if full ‘know your customer’ (KYC) checks for you have been completed.

Thank you to the majority of forum contributors who continue to use the forum appropriately, in accordance with the forum rules and the spirit of open but responsible discussion.


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