Video on InTrades political prediction markets

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Via Yahoo! Research scientist David Pennock (pictured in the video, with, in the background, a whiteboard full of complex mathematical equations, which impressed the young New York Post journalist)&#8230- this New York Post video (embedded just below).

John Delaney&#8217-s statement that people (did he say &#8220-pundits&#8221- or &#8220-people&#8221-?&#8230-) were predicting a John Kerry victory in November of 2004 (while InTrade was predicting that George W. Bush would be re-elected) should be backed by supportive evidence. It&#8217-s difficult to quantify the chatter in newspapers, magazines, TVs, blogs, etc. Did someone do that for the 2004 presidential elections? I know that the polls were favoring Bush, slightly, but I don&#8217-t know whether the political buzz was quantified scientifically, really.

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