Business looks promising for qMarkets.

No GravatarQMarkets CEO Noam Danon tells me that they have been working hard on their site. They are working with many companies that want to run enterprise prediction markets. Best wishes to qMarkets.

[Hey, I bet they run on Drupal.]


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  • The most significant thing in the Inkling Markets festival (past and future) is the Gartner imprimatur (“Cool Vendor in Emerging Technologies”). Tremendous impact in the business community, where CEOs are addicted to consultants. The Inkling Markets phone switchboard is red hot right now.
  • HubDub and Smarkets are creating what InTrade-TradeSports and BetFair-TradeFair never could: SOCIAL NETWORKING BETTING.
  • Prediction markets can be directly subsidized with a market maker, allowing all traders who provide info to improve the price to expect to profit. Also, the more fools the more informed traders should be attracted to profit from them, so the mix is endogenous.
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