SPORTS CORRUPTION: The dark side of the prediction markets

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Market Suspended – Martin Arguello v Nikolay Davydenko

Betfair Customer Services 02 Aug 18:45
Betfair has suspended settlement of the betting markets on this afternoon’s second round match of the ATP Orange Prokom Open in Poland between Martin Arguello and Nikolay Davydenko, pending investigation and consultation with relevant regulatory authorities. Betfair has had a Memorandum of Understanding with the ATP since 2003, and will use it to exchange information should it become necessary.


All bets are void in Davydenko v Arguello match

Betfair Customer Services 03 Aug 11:46
Following consultation with the men’s professional tennis tour, the ATP, Betfair has decided to void all bets [*] placed on Thursday’s 2nd round match between Nikolay Davydenko and Martin Vassallo Arguello at the Orange Prokom Open. Betfair suspended settlement of bets at the conclusion of the match yesterday because of concerns over irregular betting patterns. The company has taken this action in the interests of maintaining integrity and fairness in all our markets.

[*] First time in the history of BetFair.

Times – Telegraph


BetFair (which is a regulated betting exchange) has signed agreements with over 25 sports bodies and has an internal team looking for foul betting. TradeSports-InTrade (which is an unregulated betting exchange) has none. Thus, it is quite possible that some sports prediction markets at TradeSports are rigged. You will notice that nobody in America asks this tough question. (All US-based prediction market conferences being sponsored by InTrade-TradeSports, and all the US-based researchers being depend on InTrade-TradeSports data, no wonder.)

Midas Oracle and CFM are the only publications that tell you the whole truth about the prediction markets:

  • the good side,
  • and the dark side.


ADDENDUM: The BetFair people do not send anonymous insults sent from fake e-mail accounts. They are professional and ethical people.



NEXT: BetFair has an anti-fraud team whereas InTrade-TradeSports has none.

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