No GravatarYou Tube streaming video (Feb. 2007): Larry Page speaks at the AAAS (The American Association for the Advancement of Science)

Larry Page - AAAS


Larry Page&#8217-s main advice to the scientists in the room: take their scientific studies, market them better and make them readily accessible to the world.

– CNET: Google&#8217-s Page urges scientists to market themselves.

&#8220-Most of the works you guys have done are not represented in those searches. We have to unlock the wealth of scientific knowledge and get it to everyone. I don&#8217-t care what we do, but we need to do something,&#8221- he said. [&#8230-]

– Attila Chordash: Google’s Larry Page at the AAAS meeting: entrepreneurship and unlocking in science.

“Science has a really serious marketing problem and nobody pays attention to that since none of the marketers work for science. If all the growth in world is due to science and technology and no one pays attention to you, then you have a serious marketing problem.” [&#8230-]

&#8220-You need to have the right attitude about it, and you need to think that business and entrepreneurship are important parts of science.” [&#8230-]

– Richard Brandt: Larry Page at AAAS

Most importantly, he wants scientists to &#8220-try to change the world.&#8221- That means not just doing research in their labs, but taking control of and trying to commercialize their technologies. It worked for him. [&#8230-]

Google&#8217-s Larry Page&#8217-s set of advice given in a speech at &#8220-Triple A S&#8221- (AAAS) also applies to scholars and experts in the field of prediction markets.


Chris Masse&#8217-s advice (if I may):

#1. Publish as HTML or XHTML files with informative titles and URLs (as opposed to the bad, non-usable PDF files).

#2. Participate in popular group blogs (as opposed to publishing on individual blogs read by nobody) and, from there, link to your other files.

#3. Publicize your site feed, so people can subscribe to it and automatically receive updates (via their feed reader).

#4. Create your internet network and, once a quarter, e-mail them your most important URL.

#5. Help popular bloggers unearthing good stories, in the long-term hope of getting linked to, as an appreciation for your little aiding and abetting.

#6. Monitor how the main search engines rank your postings with some webmaster tools, try hard to understand the damn whole mechanism, and take action to improve the search engine results on your name or works.

#7. If possible, always favor free, open-source software, like FireFox, Open Office, Word Press or Compozer / Nvu.

#8. Own your vanity domain name (e.g., robinhanson.com, as opposed to a sub-website owned by somebody else, like hanson.gmu.edu) and, from there, link to all the other webspots (e.g., Robin Hanson&#8217-s profile page at Midas Oracle) where you publish your ideas.

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    Writing for Online Readers

    Communicating clearly on the Internet, intranet, and other interactive media is an increasingly important job skill. Extensive research has shown that users read online media very differently than they read print media. Thus, we should teach students how to write hypertext and not how just to write printed documents.

    The New Division of Labor: How Computers Are Creating the Next Job Market


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