XM-Sirius merger derivative – One transaction, only, so far

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XM-Sirius merger contract at TradeSports-Intrade – One single trade, only, so far. :(

Via the intrepid Fabian John of the 1st Tick forum, the New York Times:

Still, it seems as if Mr. Karmazin may be paying a premium to do the deal now so that it can be rushed through the regulatory maze while the Bush administration is still in power. Many partners in mergers of equals wait around — often for years — until their stocks align. Mr. Karmazin disputes that view, contending that he wants a deal as soon as possible so that the savings can start. His view is that there “is no regulatory window.” In fact, he believes that the longer the companies, both now money losers, wait to merge, the better their chances would be in Washington. That’s because new technologies will continue to emerge that may prove to be competitive with satellite radio.

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