Hello Mister James Chanos,

I&#8217-m Chris Masse, the Blog Administrator and Editor of Midas Oracle .ORG.

I see this message posted at Deal

No one from &#8220-MidasOracle&#8221- or attempted to contact me before running this false and malicious story. Jim Chanos

Posted by: James Chanos | January 10, 2007 12:33 AM

This open letter is to tell you that Midas Oracle is a group blog where 28 post authors have published Op&#8217-Eds, and you&#8217-re more than welcome to have your rebuttal published here, or linked to, whatever you prefer.

For your information, bloggers seldom contact people they write about, contrary to Press journalists &#8212-Steve Roman (the blog author of Insight or Connection – How Kynikos Associates Profited from the Gaming Bill) thus fits the current convention/standard of the Blogosphere. Note that there is a difference between the print Press and the Web-based blogs: a blog is defined as a published conversation, and the person who is blogged about can enter the conversation and let the readers know his/her viewpoint(s). Contrary to the print Press, no editor will censor your &#8220-letter to the editor&#8221-.

Once this blog post is published on Midas Oracle, I will try to send its URL via e-mail.

Chris Masse


External Link: James Chanos: Genius Short-Seller or Politically Well-Connected? Or Is There A Difference? – by John Carney – 2007-01-09

[..] Stephen Roman at suspects that there may have been something more at play here than good luck or good research—namely, James Chanos’ political connection. Some of the biggest supporters of anti-online gambling legislation have been the big casino operators, and, of course, the Senator from Vegas—err, Nevada—John Ensign. Now according to Roman, Ensign likely knew that the online gambling legislation was likely to be passed through his connections to Senate leader Bill Frist. What’s more, Roman thinks its very possible that Ensign could have passed this information on to Nevada Attorney General George Chanos, who just happens to be the cousin of Kynikos’ James Chanos. [&#8230-]

Is any of this true? We have no idea. It wouldn’t be the first time that this sort of “honest graft” has helped make someone rich or richer. And the question of the legality of trading on inside information about upcoming legislation has long been debated. Frankly, the whole chain of information Roman proposes seems unnecessary. Even if it didn’t happen exactly like that—Frist to Ensign to Chanos to Chanos—it wouldn’t be surprising if James Chanos connections to Nevada’s gambling community helped him anticipate the legislation.



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