MIDAS ORACLE .ORG has a Google PageRank of 5/10.

Via this SEO page.

Google PageRank Checker

CFM – (vertical portal to prediction markets &#8212- since December 2004) – GPR 6/10

Midas Oracle .ORG – (group blog on prediction markets &#8212- since September 2006) – GPR 5/10

Midas Oracle .NET – (group blog nobody reads and nobody wants to write on &#8211-not even Jason Ruspini, whom I asked two times.) – GPR 6/10

Midas Oracle .COM – (totally empty website &#8211-as empty as Paris Hilton&#8217-s skull) – GPR 6/10

Well, let me renew my long-term goal for Midas Oracle .ORG: GPR 7/10. It will take some years, but we will get to it, in the end.

Psstt&#8230- Odd Head and Overcoming Whatever are at 6/10.

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2 thoughts on “MIDAS ORACLE .ORG has a Google PageRank of 5/10.

  1. Chris Masse said:

    Interesting data. The two crappy sites (MO dot net and MO dot com) get a 6/10, and the jewel (MO dot org) gets a 5/10.


    – I managed to inject all of GPR of CFM into MO dot net and MO dot com.

    – The fact that MO dot org often linked to CFM (and to Marginal Revolution, via the MO sidebar) was punished by Google —they punish reciprocating links.


    – My linking from MO dot org to CFM was intended to bring value to the readers. So, the punishment of MO dot org does not make any sense.


    – I write for the readers.

    – I mind the search engines, but I don’t obsess over them.

    – I take the long-term view. As with CFM, it will take some time for MO dot org to get to a GPR of 6/10.

  2. Midas Oracle .ORG » Blog Archive » MIDAS ORACLE .ORG has a Google PageRank of 5/10. - REDUX said:

    […] MIDAS ORACLE .ORG has a Google PageRank of 5/10. — REDUX As I told you yesterday, Midas Oracle .ORG (this group blog of high quality) has obtained a Google PageRank of 5/10, while my two other under-developed sites (dot net and dot com) got a higher grade, namely 6/10. On the face, it sounds totally absurd —especially once you spot that the dot com site barely exists (just a domain name with a webpage that says, “Hello, World.”). […]

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