BetFair Multiples??

No GravatarBetFair Multiples – in the Racing Post, page 89 – Thursday, January 18, 2007

I would appreciate if a U.K.-based Midas Oracle reader informed me or sent me excerpts. Thanks. Will make up to you. I heard that it means that BetFair is going to become a bookmaker, but I can&#8217-t believe my eyes.

Betfair previously only accepted single bets on match results forcing punters wishing to make multiple match bets – such as trebles and accumulators – to go to traditional firms like William Hill and Ladbrokes.

But now, in a radical move, the Hammersmith based company are ready to accept multiples. In a major shift in strategy, Betfair itself will act as the bookmaker offering odds taken from their person-to-person singles football markets.

The company claim they will invariably offer better odds than High Street rivals even allowing for five per cent commission. Steve High, Betfair&#8217-s product manager, said: &#8220-Our aim is to be the biggest online betting company.&#8221-

(Thanks to Fabian John for the link.)

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