How to obtain an edge in short-term trading?

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An intriguing brand-new blog (written by &#8220-mrgroovski&#8221-):

Purpose of CASTrader

Welcome to CASTrader. The purpose of this blog is to document the development of a Complex Adaptive System (CAS) Trading System (CASTrader) for the stock, futures and potentially other markets in a quest for 50%-plus returns. The exact details will remain proprietary, but the basic development and thought processes will be documented.

Complex adaptive systems are typically composed of diverse sets of many agents that are programmed to accomplish some goal. The interaction of these agents can make the population smarter than any individual agent. By emulating biological systems (e.g. – reproduction and gene mutation), such a system can &#8220-evolve&#8221- to produce emergent, very interesting behavior. In CASTrader, each agent will act as a trader following some trading rule that can evolve with time. Agents that are good make money and survive. Agents that don&#8217-t die out. It&#8217-s survival of the fittest.

The reason for using CAS is that it is my opinion that CAS can provide a significant edge to trading, and before long, CAS or other computerized trading systems will eventually be one of the few ways traders will obtain an edge in short term trading.

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