NETeller yesterday, TradeSports-InTrade tomorrow?

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Via Betting Market at Delicious (which you may bookmark if you wish to get further links on the new internet Gambling crisis, later on this week):

– United States of America v. Stephen Eric Lawrence

– United States of America v. John David Legebvre

– Loosely related: Gary Kaplan (BetOnSports) – InterPol – (Frauds, Thefts) – [Note: From memory, Robin Hanson participated in a pro-gambling conference sponsored by BetOnSports, some years ago. Addendum: With Koleman Strumpf. The link.]


Does the U.S. government consider the offshore, real-money prediction exchanges (a.k.a. betting exchanges) as part of the &#8220-internet gambling industry&#8221- and will it enforce the Internet Gambling Prohibition and Enforcement Act (H.R. 4411) against TradeSports-InTrade?

Do TEN CEO John Delaney and the TEN shareholders (venture capitalists and angel investors) have knowledge that they have been participating in a criminal activity in the United States?

1. Criminal laws exist in the United States that prohibit persons from promoting certain forms of gambling.

2. Criminal laws exist in the United States that prohibit the transmission of funds that are known to have been derived from criminal activity or are intended to promote criminal activity.

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