The value of prediction market journalism, which doesnt produce any scoop, is zero.

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Felix Salmon (in a piece about the ROI of web publishing):

As real-money prediction markets become legal in the US, there’s surely going to be a lot of money in writing about them and driving rich readers to them.

Total bullshit.

Carlos Graterol [*] and Ben Shannon both tried to popularize their prediction market blog (featuring InTrade 95% of the time), and they never managed to take off. The fact that InTrade needs websites to drive people to its betting operation does not mean that readers will appreciate prediction market journalism.

Prediction market journalism (which sums up news and probabilities harvested from newspaper sites and from InTrade) does not produce any scoops. You need scoops to draw readers into your blog. No scoops, no readers.

[*] He is a smart and sociable young man with a bright future.

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