French bozo economist Augustin Landier is hiding his 2007 Op-Ed that stated that the financial crisis wont happen.

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Augustin Landier is a man of minutiae. He runs a website at his glory that lists any paper, book or editorial he has penned. Except for one.

Our French smart ass co-wrote an Op-Ed in July 2007, titled, &#8220-The mega-crash won&#8217-t happen&#8221- [PDF file]. Just everything in it was wrong, as the authors were defending the same rotten financial mechanisms and lack of regulations that generated the 2008 financial crisis.

Conveniently, this Op-Ed is not listed on his website &#8212-while all the other ones are. Augustin Landier knows only one way to cover his ass &#8212-hide things under the carpet. How courageous.

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