Blame the messy CEO -dont blame the media.

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Nothing is more untrue than that.

I do report things &#8212-bad things, and good things (like the NKM scandal, which &#8220-StrangeLove&#8221- alluded to).

I give my opinions &#8212-and I link to or re-publish other people&#8217-s opinions.

If the coverage of InTrade has not always been positive, it is due to the *illegal* nature of their business and the many marketing and P.R. *mistakes* that (former accountant) John Delaney made &#8212-you might remember that he acknowledged some of those.

As for BetFair, and you might remember that I criticized them in the harshest terms at times, the truth is that they are the most polite, correct, professional and ethical people in the worldwide prediction market industry.

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