The attacker was from Nashville, Tennesse.

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Yesterday, I explained to you in great details how the attacker tried to incriminate NewsFutures by creating the illusion that the 2 websites denigrating me were webhosted by NewsFutures &#8212-a forged Reverse IP Lookup gave this false impression. Today, I would like to investigate the hypothesis the IP addresses of the attacker.

First ever comment from &#8220-The Colonel&#8221-:
Why are you so quick to assume that the sum total of that company’s employees is only those listed in the press release? Consensus Point is a vast and glowing network of neurons and axons, spanning a veritable galaxy of prediction market technology. Surely there must be artists, coders, schemers, evil geniuses, dolts, and assorted scribblers involved in such a breathtaking endeavor.
BellSouth – Nashville

Second comment from The Colonel (who, for the first time, uses the link to under his byline):
ComCast – Nashville

Defending the &#8220-chief scientist&#8221-:
ComCast – Murfreesboro (a suburb of Nashville, Tennesse)

[UPDATE: The president of the company indeed lives in Murfreesboro, see the bottom of that page.]

Telling Chris Masse&#8217-s opinion is worthless.
ComCast – Nashville

His further comments (after that Niall O&#8217-Connor has step up in the browl):
BellSouth – San Diego

NEXT: Dave, was it *you*?

NEXT: Who did it?

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