Putting the prediction markets under the big crowdsourcing tent

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Via Keith Anderson (Senior Analyst at RNG)

Chapter 7 – What the Crowd Knows: Collective Intelligence in Action – by Jeff Howe

He is a Wired journalist.

I prefer stuff written by economists like Robin Hanson, Justin Wolfers, Eric Zitzewitz, Koleman Strumpf, David Pennock, etc.

What&#8217-s the point of having the mainstream media journalists writing their own stuff when we can cite the people listed above????

I believe in the &#8220-In His/Her Own Words&#8221- principle.

Enough with the journalists. I&#8217-m fed up by them.

The Internet enables us to access directly the people who know. Let&#8217-s bypass the journalists. Let&#8217-s bulldozer this unnecessary filter.

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