Folks, yesterday, I forgot to link to the PDF file posted by the CFTC (their concept release, how snobbish). Download it, and read it -well discuss it later, here. No need to rush an opinion, we have about 2 months to make up our collective mind. Lets have it open.

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Via professor Eric Zitzewitz of Dartmouth, the CFTC announcement.

CFTC&#8217-s Concept Release – (PDF file)

InTrade&#8217-s John Delaney&#8217-s message to the prediction market crowd.

Midas Oracle authors (and that includes PMIA&#8217-s Emile Servan-Schreiber) can post their views, here, if they wish &#8212-or link externally to their own blog, if they wish.

David Pennock has published a comment that rebuts mine.

One comment, over there.

Finally, I&#8217-m searching for a co-author, or a bunch of co-authors, who share my views, and would like to submit a short e-mail to the CFTC, before the end of June, 2008.

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