TradeFairs David Jack = the $20 million man

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Hidden this morning deep into The Sunday Times:

Betfair, the online sports-betting firm, has invested ?10m to launch Tradefair, a new subsidiary company specialising in bets on the financial markets. It believes that the market for financial betting could exceed ?400m. [*] Tradefair will operate independently of its parent. [**]

?10 million = $20.3 million = €13.9 million &#8212- [Thanks to David Pennock’s Yahoo! Currency Converter. :-D ]

[*] BetFair and TradeFair traders share the same BetFair account, as I understand it.

[**] I suppose (based on BetFair&#8217-s share of the UK betting market) that TradeFair wants 5% of that (for a start) &#8212-so that would be ?20 million. &#8212- But we don&#8217-t know what that ?400 million figure came from, in the first place. David Jack&#8217-s wet dreams? For the UK market only (in an increasingly global environment for exchanges)? For what year exactly? 2008? 2026? Mystery. Of course, no source is cited.

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2 thoughts on “TradeFairs David Jack = the $20 million man

  1. Niall O'Connor said:

    “Tradefair will operate independently of its parent.”

    I take it that we will not be seeing you calling the company Betfair-Tradefair again!

  2. Chris. F. Masse said:

    I will continue calling them “BetFair-TradeFair”. I’m not a press release sucker.

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