How to expand the offerings of real-money and play-money event derivatives

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#1. DIY prediction markets, a la Inkling Markets. Con: nobody will come to trade it.

#2. Ask the big prediction exchanges (BetFair, TradeSports-InTrade, NewsFutures) to float your X proposals. Con: very difficult to get the higher-ups to listen to you.

#3. Create your own vertical prediction exchange (a la Media Predict or PopSci&#8217-s PPX). Con: you need to secure the backing of a media to attract traders.


The solution, in my view, would be for each of the big betting exchanges (BetFair, TradeSports-InTrade and NewsFutures) to allow the creation of media-backed, vertical sub-exchanges linked to their main, generalist platform &#8212-so the liquidity can move in a bidirectional way.


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