The pictures of the BetFair Bet-o-Mobile

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BetFair Bet-o-Mobile: a vehicle with 19 TV screens, wireless Internet access and live satellite TV feeds

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile

AV Interactive:

[Betting exchange (real-money prediction exchange, event derivative exchange)] Betfair has commissioned a mobile display unit that will tour UK sporting events. The vehicle, which uses 19 TV screens (including a 50in plasma) has wireless internet access and live Sky feeds. It was built for Betfair by Event Marketing Solutions (EMS) which delivered the vehicle in 12 weeks, ready for a first appearance at the Grand National. The unit is designed to not just let punters watch events, but to help introduce them to Betfair&#8217-s betting exchange concept.

Here are pictures of the BetFair Bet-o-Mobile (with members of the BetFair team at Aintree). Pictures courtesy of the P.R. department at BetFair. (Thanks for sharing. :) )

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 5

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 9

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 1

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 3

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 4

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 6

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 7

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 2

BetFair Bet-o-Mobile 8

And we end the series of pictures with la blonde de service. :)

SMOKIN&#8217-&#8230-!!!&#8230- as yelled by &#8220-The Mask&#8221- (played by Jim Carrey), in that movie.


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