HSX = an advanced indicator for TradeSports traders???

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The movie &#8220-Babel&#8221- seems quite hot at HSX for the Oscar of the Best Picture&#8230- and not so hot at TradeSports. Since HSX&#8217-s track record is quite impressive regarding Oscars predictions, I would use HSX info to speculate at TradeSports.

Agree, disagree?

3 thoughts on “HSX = an advanced indicator for TradeSports traders???

  1. Sacha Peter said:

    This is an easy ‘disagree’.

    Two problems. One is liquidity. There’s more play money liquidity going on at HSX than there is on Tradesports. The bid-ask is roughly 5% and 10%, a two-fold difference.

    The other is measurement. It’s nearly impossible to tell how much ‘value’ you can extract out of the market.

    Let’s pretend HSX says 90% and Tradesports says 10%. How do you arbitrage these? How would you know the true value is between 11 to 89%?

    Apples and oranges.

  2. Mike Linksvayer said:

    Sacha, CFM did not mention arbitrage. HSX could be an indicator that the TS price is wrong and in which direction, which is enough for a TS trader to place an order.

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