Why the BetFair blog shoud move from MovableType to WordPress – Edition #3,961

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Matt Mullenweg has a post out comparing the 2 platforms and touting WordPress.

[&#8230-] WordPress is 100% open source, GPL. All plugins in the official directory are GPL or compatible, 100% open source. [&#8230-] WordPress MU is 100% open source, GPL, and if you wanted you could take it and build your own hosted platform like WordPress.com, like edublogs.org has with over 100,000 blogs. [&#8230-]

I have read with fascination all the comments there, on the original MT blog post, and else. I have spotted many webmasters explaining why and how they moved from MovableType to WordPress &#8212-but I have spotted none explaining why and how they moved from WordPress to MovableType.

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Why the BetFair blog should move from MovableType to WordPress

No GravatarEvery reason in the world is listed here: Notes on a Massive WordPress Migration.

And take a look at the comments on this post, they almost all defend WordPress.

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