Great WordPress Plugin Of The Day

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Cross-Linker by Jan Hvizdak

  1. Write the words InTrade or BetFair in your post, and the plugin will automatically add the appropriate web links.
  2. Of course, the plugin won&#8217-t mess with your already, manually embedded links.
  3. Generally speaking, it won&#8217-t mess with anything &#8212-it is highly customizable.
  4. The links appear in your feed &#8212-few of the other plugins in this category can do that.
  5. Deactivating the plugin won&#8217-t delete your stored links.
  6. You can backup your stored links.
  7. You can even import the links from your blogroll. (I haven&#8217-t tested that, yet, but will do soon.)

I have tested all the plugins in this category, and Cross-Linker (from Jan Hvizdak) is the best ever.

Recommended for prediction market journalism (or else).

I&#8217-m Chris Masse and I approved this message. :-D