IN-PLAY BETTING: BetFair is already compliant with the Gambling Commissions first pointer.

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The UK Gambling Commission is not &#8220-coming after BetFair and Betdaq&#8221-. They&#8217-ll be looking at all operators. Almost all UK-based betting operators (betting exchanges and bookmakers) offer &#8220-in-play&#8221- betting, these days.

The UK Gambling Commission&#8217-s approach (so far) to in-play betting is to insist that bookmakers and betting exchanges tell bettors and traders that &#8220-live&#8221- TV reporting of sports events is actually delayed a bit &#8212-and that some people may be watching the action ahead of them.

Only one betting company in the UK is already compliant with this standard, and displays warnings to its customers: BetFair.