eLab eXchange Launches Web of Misery

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The eLab eXchange has just opened &#8220-The Web of Misery,&#8221- a competitive forecasting tournament hosted by Newsfutures, with 10 markets that reflect new online indicators of economic distress. Come and give it your best shot – forecast just how bad you think the economy is going to get in the next few months! One of the markets is reproduced above.

During periods of economic hardship, conventional wisdom suggests that some people tend to increase their level of certain behaviors, for example, they may &#8220-cling to guns or religion,&#8221- or perhaps turn to alcohol or gambling in an attempt to relieve any pressures they may be feeling about a &#8220-rough patch.&#8221- Additionally, the skyrocketing costs of food, health care and gas, not to mention the real estate downturn, suggest that, in general, many consumers will become more careful about how they spend their hard-earned dollars.

The Web of Misery captures 10 of these behaviors and let&#8217-s consumers forecast their impact. You can try your hand at judging the impact of the economic slowdown at eLab eXchange today!

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