The BetFair blog is not a serious publication.

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I just got it that professor Leighton Vaughan-Williams&#8217-s story published on the official BetFair blog and the BetFair compound chart published on top of his story should be understood independently from each other, as the BetFair chart was pasted there by the BetFair blog editor.

(I have updated all my previous posts on the topic with the explainer above.)



  1. Professor Leighton Vaughan-Williams talked about &#8220-betting markets&#8221- in his story. Those &#8220-betting markets&#8221- were not defined precisely on that page.
  2. The BetFair compound chart, pasted by the BetFair blog editor on top of Professor Leighton Vaughan-Williams&#8217- story, has lead readers (like the ultra-vigilant Niall O&#8217-Connor) to believe that &#8220-betting markets&#8221- meant the BetFair betting markets.
  3. It was probably not the case, in the writer&#8217-s mind. To be sure, though, an explainer should be issued by the BetFair blog.
  4. The BetFair blog editor has an omelette on his/her face.
  5. I told you many times that the Betfair blog is a piece of crap.
  6. A writer for this blog told us so, too.
  7. As I said many times, web journalism is not for anybody. It&#8217-s a specialty trade. It requires vertical skills. And, more precisely, prediction market journalism, in our digital times, is difficult and complex. It&#8217-s sad to see that the BetFair-TradeFair executives haven&#8217-t computed that.


UPDATE: The BetFair blog has added a new label on the infamous compound chart&#8230-

Compound chart - BetFair blog fiasco


NEXT: Did the BetFair blog use trading data from InTrade to hint at BetFair&#8217-s accuracy??