No more anonymized trading data, please. State your source(s).

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I think that&#8217-s the takeaway from the BetFair blog fiasco.

My questions are still unanswered this morning. What data was used to concoct that dithyrambic write-up about the predictive power of the &#8220-betting markets&#8221- on the 2008 US primaries and caucuses (and in particular the Michigan race)? BetFair? If so, please, send me the expired charts. InTrade? Another source? A cocktail of sources? Please, cite everything, so we can check.

I will blog about this issue, every day, till it is resolved &#8212-one way or another. I&#8217-m resilient.

I&#8217-ll blog about this BetFair blog fiasco for the whole year of 2008, and more, &#8220-to infinity and beyond&#8221- (as said Buzz LightYear in Toy Story), if that&#8217-s what it takes to get answers from Hammersmith and Nottingham. Those folks are as voluble as yellow canaries, usually, when it comes to touting their wares. Cat got their tongue? What data did they use for their dithyrambic blog post? Is that so confidential?