Basic Explanation of CS: GO Ranks

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) can hardly be mastered without a clear understanding of the ranking system. The well-known Valve shooter is the key to efficient gaming experience as it involves everything you need to work on.

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Let’s be honest, not every player will be able to handle the dizzying heights of Global Elite. And that’s absolutely fine. The lack of knowledge and skills between the expected ranks can be far and few between. If you want to succeed at csbet, you should be ready to spend some time on studying.

The whole process of mastering the game cannot be easy due to a wide range of elements to focus on. Similar to all popular competitive games, you’ll experience wide spectrum of emotions, whether you win or lose, communicate with teammates or fight against opponents. Eventually, you will understand how the community sees you.

Getting CS: GO first rank

If it is your first experience with CS: GO you surely have no rank to rely on. Like most competitive games out there, CS: GO players tend to jump into casual servers to master the ropes without committing to an eligible ranked match. Even if you wanted to, you won’t be able to do so without reaching Private Rank 2 and getting deeper into details.

To proceed with the game, you’ll need to play online matches of different CS: GO modes. Deathmatch is a nice place to start, as you’ll have to try lots of new weapons. Casual matches are useful too due to their reliance on the same rules of competitive matches. Once you’ve collected sufficient XP for level two, feel free to look for competitive matches via the matchmaking menu. Ideally, you need to have ten competitive matches to obtain your first rank. Don’t forget that you’ll be fighting against opponents of different ranks. Don’t’ worry if you are challenged at first.

Variety of CS: GO ranks

CS: GO features 18 ranks, divided into six categories. Whichever ranking you fit into, it determines your efficiency in the gaming routine:


·       Silver I/ Silver II/ Silver III/ Silver IV;


·       Silver Elite/ Silver Master Elite;


·       Gold Nova I/ Gold Nova II/ Gold Nova III/ Gold Nova Master/


·       Master Guardian I/ Master Guardian II/ Master Guardian Elite/ Distinguished Master Guardian/


·       Legendary Eagle/ Legendary Eagle Master/ Supreme Master First Class


·       Global Elite.

Silver is mainly related to new players who haven’t quite understood the concept of the game. There’s usually a missing strategy and communication approach, which can encourage players to improve themselves. There’s also the so-called challenge of “smurfs” for Silver players.

Gold Nova is the level that features the biggest proportion of the CS: GO player base. The competence among players s closely associated with the rank. When it comes to the higher end of the scale, players tend to demonstrate better competence of handling the economy in-games. Meanwhile Guardian players are considered to be more advanced. It takes pretty much time to master new ways to use utility and retake websites. If you aim to reach Master Guardian, you will need extensive knowledge to achieve fast results.


The best players in the game are marked with the Legendary Eagle rank. These are players who have spent hours exploring their own gaming routine, adjusting their settings, mastering the meta, and training their goal. You’ll need to have an analytical mind to turn into the best representative of the CS: GO world. Having a strategy in mind is one factor, but mastering how to fight against other players is another one.


Differentiating CS: GO rank from wingman


Wingman is nothing but CS: GO’s 2v2 mode, which is eligible for smaller versions of the game’s maps. It features the same ranking system as Competitive matches. While many players refer to Wingman, they receive a higher rank than their normal one. This is because the ranking system is addressed differently. To encounter unbalanced teams, you can play with friends who have a different rank to you.


Ranking up in CS: GO


While the process of ranking in CS:GO requires some time, there are several things to be done to boost your general gameplay:


·                Create your game settings.


·                Practice your strategy and master recoil approaches.


·                Learn smokes and pop flashes for retakes.


·                Practice the game with higher ranked friends.

Fortunately, there are lots of custom maps in Steam’s Workshop to make the gaming easier for you. Aim training and recoil maps happen to be the efficient educational tools. Meanwhile, experience is the key to success. You’ll learn new concepts from every match you play. Also, don’t forget to make friends with like-minded players who realize the importance of teamwork for an efficient performance with CS: GO. After all, the game can hardly be imagined without teammates to master the gaming routine.

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