Boycott the $400 vendor conference on prediction markets.

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I renew my call for boycotting the $400 vendor conference on prediction markets. Don&#8217-t pay $400 to listen to prediction market software vendors. (They should pay you $400, rather, to listen to their marketese.) They highly exaggerate the usefulness of prediction markets (and enterprise prediction markets, in particular). They don&#8217-t have a single use case to demonstrate their usefulness. There is no way you will get any R.O.I. out of those vendor conferences held in a phone booth.

Plus, the SF organizer of these conferences is a guy that has the detestable habit of hiding his identity under many pseudonyms (a female secretary, a &#8220-legal assistant&#8221-, a foundation director, etc.). This guy is a mythomaniac. Stay away.

Read Paul Hewitt&#8217-s blog, instead. It is free &#8212-and it tells the truth.

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