HubDub: If you sign up a friend and he/she wins a prize, then you win the same prize.

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HubDub – March Madness 2009:

*Prediction Market Technology – Experience March Madness Like Never Before*

March 16th: Anticipation is running high for the 2009 NCAA Division I Men’s
Basketball Championship (popularly known as March Madness) with the first
round tipping off on March 19th.

On the web users can watch all the live action for free on
Additionally, there are no shortage of sites offering brackets on which you
can predict who will win all 63 games in the tournament.

Hubdub however has launched a prediction competition with a difference.
Unlike a bracket, Hubdub players can trade predictions through out the
tournament and in the later stages during the actual games themselves.
Additionally, not only are all the usual match up questions but players will
also receive daily questions like “Will any team hit a 3 pointer with 5
seconds or less to win?” and “Will President Obama attend any March Madness

The Hubdub Predict-a-thon is free to enter and is offering $500 in cash
prizes to its top players. On top of that, if you introduce a friend to the
competition and they win, then you receive the same amount.

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