Should research scientist David Pennock lead the Prediction Market Institute?

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Should we create a Prediction Market Institute?

– Should we ask doctor David Pennock to super-head it?

– Should we have a Prediction Markets Consortium that will anchor itself somewhere in an educational institution or non-profit foundation?

– Should we follow the ideas of Chris Masse, or should we follow someone else with better ideas?

Should we let the non-PM companies (Google/Yahoo!/MicroSoft) dictate to us the founding terms of this Prediction Market Institute?

– Shouldn&#8217-t the public prediction exchanges (InTrade, BetFair, HedgeStreet, Hollywood Stock Exchange, HubDub, NewsFutures, etc.) be more involved into the founding of this Prediction Market Institute?

– Should we let David Pennock rename &#8220-The Open Institute Of Prediction Markets&#8221- into a &#8220-Prediction Market Institute&#8221- without my prior agreement? :-D

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