A historical Robin Hanson fanboy cant believe his hero signed Bobs ill-informed and unwise petition.

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Hal Finney:

My concern is that the small stakes limit of $2,000, the limits on who can operate markets, and the limitations on the scope of markets, will lead to spotty coverage which will preclude a robust evaluation of the merits of prediction markets in general. After all, we have intrade.com already which provides spotty coverage of a number of issues – how much more will this add?

Maybe &#8220-gambling can save science&#8220-, but I don&#8217-t see how these steps would show it.

Proof that you can be &#8220-high IQ&#8221- and still lack judgment (in small ways).

P.S.: Over that the micro slam above, I have the highest esteem and respect for Robin Hanson &#8212-a prediction market pioneer.

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