Third Workshop on Prediction Markets, July 9 in Chicago

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Please join us at the Third Workshop on Prediction Markets, in Chicago on the afternoon of July 9, 2008. We plan academic talks, an industry panel, and open discussion. Participation is open to anyone, and we hope to be as flexible as possible in allocating speaking time. See the workshop website or the full Call for Contributions and Participation for details.

10 thoughts on “Third Workshop on Prediction Markets, July 9 in Chicago

  1. Chris F. Masse said:

    Interesting. No idea whether I’ll go. But I may send you one Giberson or two. :-D

  2. Chris F. Masse said:

    How many people are in attendance, usually, in those PM conferences?

  3. Chris F. Masse said:

    Would your people be interested by a presentation from someone from BetFair-TradeFair?

  4. Chris F. Masse said:

    Is that Chicago conference sponsored by InTrade?

    Will the organizers announce in advance who pay(s) for that gig?

  5. Chris F. Masse said:

    Am I correct to say that this series of ACM conferences seems to be the main gathering point for the prediction market people? Is there another conference series that draws the luminaries in the same proportion?

    And how come David Pennock was absent from the 2007 edition?

    Will the organizers of the 2008 edition be present in person?

  6. Chris F. Masse said:

    Do the prediction market luminaries come to this kind of conferences to lecture small people like us, or do they come to get interesting feedback from the crowd?

  7. David Pennock said:

    Good questions. Hope to see you (and/or a Mike Giberson or two) there.

    The first workshop at DIMACS had about 75 people if I recall. The 2007 edition had about 30 I believe.

    I’m not sure if ACM EC is the main gathering point, though it’s certainly one. The “parent” conference itself will also feature prediction markets talks. There is also the series on “Gamling and Prediction Markets“. There are prediction markets talks at INFORMS, AEA, Decentralization, and other places.

    I couldn’t attend last year to ensure that I didn’t miss the birth of my daughter. :-) I’ll be there this time barring any unforseen births or other circumstances.

    You’ll have to ask attendees whether the events feel like lectures or discussions. The goal is to be more like the latter. Adam is one of the organizers charged with injecting practical relevance into the event.

  8. Yiling Chen said:

    In the current stage, the workshop does not have any sponsor. InTrade partially sponsored last year’s workshop (it was shown on the website).

    I will attend this year’s workshop and look forward to seeing others, many of which are readers of this blog.

  9. Chris F. Masse said:

    @Yiling Chen: Thanks for your comment.

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